The Mimi brand is specialised in the production of shrink wrapping machines for products of various size.

It has earned, thanks to 37 years of expertise in the sector and the great reliability of its products, the leadership in the segment of large packages where it is able to provide an unsurpassed service of excellence.

Secrets of excellence

Our machines are conceived following the principle of the “design for low maintenance “philosophy which provides for the design of each device to guarantee minimal maintenance and optimise time saving, sustainability, safety and cleanliness. The elements where the philosophy emerges more are:

  • Toothed belts, lubrication free
  • Sliding devices with direct motorization
  • Sliding guides with very long lubrication intervals
This setting allows a saving on the ordinary maintenance of the 75%.


The market in large packaging is a niche market that presents specific requests, hard to satisfy with standard shrink wrapping machines. The experience gained in the field has given life to specific solutions for this particular segment making MIMI shrinking machines the ideal choice because:

  • they allow the realization of a closed package on 6 sides allowing dust protection
  • they are able to satisfy a production rate superior to all other packaging methods
  • they ensure excellent homogenization and seal packaging

We are able to supply tailor made collation units designed on your needs with tailoring precision. Great flexibility, modularity and efficiency for an infinite variety of grouping solutions and for every kind of product.

We strongly believe in safety and we want to ensure it at any level. Our machines must be completely safe and allow operators working in a harmless way. According to Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery, and pursuant to the application of the harmonized standard UNI EN ISO 12100: 2010, we carry out our risk assessment and determine the required Performance Level (PLr ) for each safety function thanks to the use of SISTEMA software. We ensure the safety of people, machines and loads by:

  • Anti-fall systems for all suspended loads
  • Safety light curtains/Photoelectric safety barriers placed –at least- at the minimum safety distance required by the specific standard (UNI EN ISO 13855: 2010)
  • Doors equipped with interlocking systems according to the specific PLr to safeguard operator’s access to the machine working area
  • Perimeter safety fencing with height, mesh and minimum installation safety distance according to the specific standard(UNI EN ISO 13857: 2010)
  • Sectionable and padlockable power sources
  • Machine control stations carefully chosen and managed, based on visibility
  • Security procedure to manage the operator’s access to the protected area of the machine

The only one and the fastest automatic film roll change-over for large packages.
The only one on the market which guarantees the replacing of the finished film roll in 10 sec without intervention of the operator. Reliable and easy to use thanks to its ergonomic body and the positioning at the height of a person, guarantees the highest safety thanks to the positioning of the film roll loading zone outside of the security area of the machine. Optimisation of the production capacity with an average annual increase of 810 hours

Great energy savings, up to 30%, thanks to the use in the retraction tunnel of:

  • double insulation of the tunnel walls
  • modularity of the management of areas of thermal activity
  • presence of pre-chamber entrance and post-chamber exit in output
  • use of transport grid in plastic with elevated thermal resistance


Specific solutions for large packaging and for small and medium bundles with an infinite variety of layout and performances according to production needs, product dimension and available space.


Monoblock configuration
Sealing bar with pneumatic operation: width from 700 to 1800 mm
Sleeve wrapping
Totally closed wrapping on six sides allowing dust protection


Multiblock configuration
Sealing bar with pneumatic operation: width from 700 to 1800 mm
Sleeve wrapping
Totally closed wrapping on six sides allowing dust protection


Multiblock configuration
Sealing bar with motorised operation: width from 2200 to 3000 mm
Sleeve wrapping
Totally closed wrapping on six sides allowing dust protection