The CMR brand is specialised in the production of strappers for every type of product, whether large or small, with horizontal and vertical cycles.

The excellence and reliability of the strapping heads guarantee great performance and durability of the machines.

The CMR solutions, thanks to their versatility and the vastness of the range, perfectly adapt to be used in a system with TOSA machines for end-of-line

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The secrets of excellence

Our machines are conceived following the principle of the “design for low maintenance “philosophy which provides for the design of each device to guarantee minimal maintenance and optimise time saving, sustainability, safety and cleanliness. This setting allows a saving on the ordinary maintenance of the 75%. The elements where the philosophy emerges more are:

  • Toothed belts, lubrication free
  • Sliding devices with direct motorisation
  • Special sliding rollers with very long lubrication intervals
  • Centralised lubrication points
  • Automatic cleaning system of the strapping connection group: total elimination of residue of the straps from the blade
  • Automatic cleaning system of the strap launching group: total elimination of the dust produced within the runners where the straps move
This setting allows a saving on the ordinary maintenance of the 75%


Strapping head is the hearth of our strapping machines and it contains all the elements that make them unique and long-lasting:

- Excellence in components : all the mechanical parts are made of zinc and nickel-plated steel, the parts subject to wear, such as pressing group and gears, are tempered

- Simplicity of concept and ease of use:

  • system with two independent motors:
    • One of them dedicated to the launch and recovery of the straps
    • The other for the control of the camshaft that manages the various steps of cutting and connection of the straps
  • simple mechanics which allows optimal use by any maintenance expert with standard mechanical training

- Great performance

  • tensioning from 0 - 5.300 N (from 0 to 550 Kg)
  • tensioning force adjustable from the control panel
  • torque limiter allows one to set the maximum tension
  • for each product, thus avoiding any damage to the load
  • possibility for use of polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET) straps
  • uses straps from 9 mm to 19 mm width and from 0.55 mm to 1 mm thickness, roll diameter 395 mm or 406 mm

Sometimes the strap is not enough to ensure your load. We can offer you a large range of solutions to guarantee the highest stability and protection for your business. Our straps can be equipped with:

  • cardboard corners system
  • cardboard application system
  • lower wooden system
For safety loads ready to cross the world.

We strongly believe in safety and we want to ensure it at any level. Our machines must be completely safe and allow operators working in a harmless way. According to Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery, and pursuant to the application of the harmonized standard UNI EN ISO 12100: 2010, we carry out our risk assessment and determine the required Performance Level (PLr ) for each safety function thanks to the use of SISTEMA software. We ensure the safety of people, machines and loads by:

  • Anti-fall systems for all suspended elements;
  • Safety light curtains/Photoelectric safety barriers placed –at least- at the minimum safety distance required by the specific standard (UNI EN ISO 13855: 2010);
  • Doors equipped with interlocking systems according to the specific PLr to safeguard operator’s access to the machine working area;
  • Perimeter safety fencing with height, mesh and minimum installation safety distance according to the specific standard(UNI EN ISO 13857: 2010);
  • Sectionable and padlockable power sources;
  • Machine control stations carefully chosen and managed, based on visibility;
  • Security procedure to manage the operator’s access to the protected area of the machine.


Complete range of solutions to satisfy every need for strapping for any type of load and logistic requirements

Horizontal strapping

Production capacity up to 80 p/h
Strap material: PP or PET

Vertical strapping

Production capacity up to 120 p/h
Strap material: PP or PET

Side strapping

Production capacity up to 60 p/h
Strap material: PP e PET