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Our roots in the Langa hills have inevitably brought us to explore with technical and technological expertise the enology sector. Since the beginning the group dedicated a unit to the design and development of systems and accessories for enology. The same attention and excellence that characterised other units are alive in this segment.

  • Rolling and capping machine for aluminium, tin-foil and poly laminate caps

  • It can be supplied with a pre-sleeking unit

  • The capping machine can be applied on automatic machines

  • Cap sizes: max diameter 38 mm max length 65mm 55mm with pre-sleeking

  • Motor rotation speed. 1400 or 2800 r.p.m.

  • Electrical requirements: 230V -400 V – 50 Hz. (different ones on request)


It is equipped with a mounting adjustable in height for every bottling line. Caps shrinkage adjustable by means of a thermostat. Thermal insulation at high resistance about 1000°centigrades.

In order to obtain a first-rate efficiency: use capsules with perforate heads. Use bottle with a perfectly dry neck. The FORNO TUNNEL is equipped with adjustable feet allowing a quick leveling.

Output speed:  BMG1 2.000 b/h – BMG2 5.000 b/h – BMG1.2    8.000 b/h -BMG3      12.000 b/h

  • Caps: max length 80 mm – max. diameter 40 mm

  • Bottles height: from 150 to 360 mm

  • Voltage: 230-400 V. single-phase

  • Pneumatic lifting device in case of line stop

  • Compressed air: 25 liters/min. (5ATM)

  • For shrinkable capsules

  • Heat governor

  • Possibility of application on labeling machine

  • Weight : Kg. 6

  • Table version


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