Life-saving consciousness

Adult first-aid course

The ethical commitment of Tosa Group for a more conscious and informed community goes on. On the 6th of February we held in the company a first-aid class on adult people: First Aid – Emergency Course – Syncope – Acute cerebro-vascular accidents – Chest pain – Obstruction of upper airways.
The project impressed the participants with great satisfaction of the “Forminlife” staff and of Serena who is always in the front line for this kind of activity.

First-aid course for the student of the Primary school “Giuseppe Tosa”

The commitment of Tosa Group for a trained community capable of intervene in case of sudden illness reaches a new level through the patronage of a first-aid course, held by “Forminlife”, dedicated to the students of the primary school “Giuseppe Tosa” in Cossano Belbo. The little students have been trained to be ready to give first-aid to people around them.
Serena Tosa said: “I believe that the youngest have the ability to keep the concentration also in the most dramatic moments. That’s why I think it’s important to offer them all the useful information to save a life”.

Donation of Hi-tech life saving manikin

We donated to the “Forminlife” association a hyper realistic high-tech manikin which is essential for an effective life saving training on the citizens as well as on the healthcare workers. The name of the manikin is Beppe, in honour of the founder.

We open doors to employees and local community for the course of maneuvers of airways obstruction in pediatric age, to be ready to intervene and rescue lives.

Reanimation course

Training on measures of reanimation of grown-ups, children and infants and operation of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) to have qualified personnel in case of sudden illness.

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