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Every activity dealt in a positive way is successful. We believe in it and we cultivate joy.

We finally have “Your Place”, a space dedicated to TOSA GROUP people

From the 29th of January lunch break in Tosa Group is more interesting thanks to YOUR PLACE, the area conceived for free time. It is an open space to recharge, to feel at home, to relax, to learn and to have fun. YOUR PLACE offers a chill area with sofas, comfort seating to recreate a cozy home-like environment and to give the chance to the people having lunch in the company to chill and recharge.

You can also find a desktop position and a dedicated Wi-Fi to go online totally free. Music, newspapers and magazines, gaming area, table football, and a free library where you can share your books are available.

Christmas Party

This year, for many unpredictable reasons, Christmas party has been postponed to a cold January evening.
Sales department, leading by Fabio, cooked for all the Tosa staff a delicious “risotto al Barbera” and the typical Piedmontese “bollito” that was served with our well- known local wines. Fancy dresses, cotillons and a real Masterchef- like board livened up the evening. The party was also warmed up with karaoke to greet the weekend with a smile.


Team building is essential and spend time together to celebrate is a good way to create connections and harmony.

Summer Party

We brought the sea to our headquarter with a reconstructed beach equipped with deckchairs and towel.
A real summer party to give the chance to the families of our staff to live the company.

Distributors meeting

If you have fun, you work better. Our international distributors meeting gave us the possibility to compare, to grow up and to smile.
We opened doors to our core distributors for three days to share projects and strategies, technical training and intense moments of team building through gaming activities and eno-gastronomic challenges.

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